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Sketch Up December 2, 2010

Posted by kellie4768 in Architecture -Sketch up.

At the Sketch up station I created a model of a recreation center.  I created pools, a basketball court, gymnastics gym, weight gym, conference room, community garden and a playground.  I faced a couple problems at this station.  First, I had a problem with my design.  I learned that it is crucial to have a well thought out plan before you start making anything in Sketch up.  You have to label everything with accurate measurements and do some math to make sure everything adds up.  I did not have accurate measurements and that is reflected in my final project.  There are places in my building where there are overlapping walls and unusable empty space.  To make a cohesive design you must create a solid plan first.  Second, I faced a problem with details.  I wanted to create a realistic recreation center, but adding tedious details was going to take a long time.  I learned how to download models from the 3D warehouse.  This is very useful because you just search for the graphic you want, pick one, and download it.  This helped me add detail quickly and it improved the quality of my project.  One tip if you are going to do this station is to pay attention to detail.  When you draw your lines make sure they are straight and parallel.  Use the tape measurer to check your measurements because while lines may look straight or even they might not be.  If your lines are not right, it will throw everything else off and cause a huge problem later on.  Another tip is to research new techniques to use at this station.  The activities for this station are very basic.  To improve the quality of your project, look up other techniques to use.



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