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Digital Audio November 29, 2010

Posted by christinamontgomery in Digital Audio.

screen shotDigital Audio is a fun and easy station. You mix and match sounds and sound effects from the music library in mixcraft to create different songs and the possiblities and endless. There are some challenges you have to face including matching the songs in tempos to create a song that sounds good  and is the right tempo. To match songs together, a good way to start before you go in and change the tempo is to pick loops from the same mood categorie such as Carefree, Exotic, Dramatic, ect. Or you should pick loops from the same style, key or tempo. Another challenge I found was trying to find a wide purpose for a song that is simply sound effects mashed together. I looked online and found many different uses. My final project is a ringtone that switches moods every ten seconds. This isn’t the most useful purpose so I would recommend making your project fit a video of some sort. Maybe talk to people in Flash or digital video that need a song to go with their video that they create. Or you could have your own video from a past/future station that you need a song for.

 Tips for creating music:

  • Pick music loops from same category (Dramatic, Violen, Sound Effect, ect.)
  • While making songs and not just sound effects together make sure to have a bass that matches the style or mood of the song.
  • Try to include every instrument that you think would be used while making the type of song that you want. ei: Rock would have Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, ect.
  • Adjust the volume of different parts and loops of your song to put empahasis on the important parts but still have some background.
  • Change Sound’s tempo, pitch, beat, ect. to make sounds fit together.

 Overall, once you get the hang of it, digital audio is a very fun station because its so easy to create music in with endless possiblities.



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