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Molly Murphy November 18, 2010

Posted by mollyannmurphy in Bryce.


Today I finished my final project but. My project represents the unity of our world and how it contrast to other worlds outside of ours. My project shows our planet with people holding hands and being together and then other planets away from ours. The program Bryce was very difficult to get used to but I feel like I did a pretty good job and I am proud of it.

I think the hardest part was following the tutorials. They weren’t very clear and since I had never used this program before that made it even harder. To solve this problem, I asked Mr. Karden for help and I explored the program. Also, I used different internet sites for help with the tutorials. Another thing I did was go to the samples and power points.  also, I used adobe Photoshop. I put my picture in there and then I drew my stick people. I couldn’t figure out how to put the people in in Bryce so I used Photoshop. I think my way of using a different program to solve my problem shows that you can explore to improve your project and you aren’t stuck with one thing. the last thing I did was the boolens. Instead of doing the tutorial like they told me, I went and did a different shape and used my knowledge to make something new. I did this to make something new and because the tutorial was really hard for me to follow. If it’s hard for you then you should go to google and search for tutorials. This helped me a lot and made me more confident and less stressed.

As always, another difficult part was finding out what my final project was going to be. My inspiration for my first project was a picture on Google of someone’s project. It was a trail and on both sides there were trees. They were lacking of leaves and it was foggy. the way that the colors and design complimented each other made the project amazing. Well of course I hadn’t used this program before so that was a bit to advanced for me. My first final project didn’t “speak” to me and I wasn’t really feeling it. Therefore I went and made a new project. It isn’t as good as some other projects but I tried my best and I am proud.

Over all this project expanded my creativeness and tested my ability to create and pursue my project. struggling with obstacles and finding new ways to create something defiantly  makes me proud of my project.



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