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Glass Blowing November 9, 2010

Posted by kellie4768 in Glass Blowing.

            The glassblowing station is not like anything I have done before.  I have learned a lot about the station and the technique in the past weeks.  At first I had a hard time making beads because I was afraid to use a big flame.  If you plan on doing this station, even though it is scary, turn up the flame because it will allow you to make better beads.  My first beads did not turn out very well because all of the layers of glass I added did not melt together.  After I started using a larger flame it became easier to add glass to a bead and to shape a bead.  Another piece of advice that I have is use your tools.  I tried several times to make a flower on a bead using stringers but they would never turn out right.  I learned that if you use the pencil to poke a hole in the center of the bead all of the dots will run toward the center, making a flower.  I also learned to put 100% of my effort into every piece I made.  When I was making my fish sculpture I was sure it was not going to turn out well.  Even though I thought this, I still was careful and paid attention to detail.  My fish ended up being my favorite piece because of the shape, colors and precise detail.  I learned the importance of following through with a piece because you never know what you will end up with.  A piece that you don’t think will turn out can end up looking good if you take your time and pay attention to detail.



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