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Rube Goldberg by Noah Sadler October 26, 2010

Posted by tallertee in Rube Goldberg.

              Rube Goldberg was sometimes frustrating but on the grand scale of things it was pretty fun. Some challenges that I ran into were that you have to take the whole thing down every class. I overcame this by not using as much tape and having a clear idea of what I wanted in my head. Planning is extremely important in this station, especially on the final. Since you only have about an hour and 15 minutes to setup the final and to film it. I can almost guarantee that it will not work as planned the first time so account for setting it up again. Another challenge that we ran into was that at first our final machine had 2 separate triggers which is not very Rube Goldberg like. We fixed this by creating a trigger that a second set of dominoes tripped and pulled a pencil out of the way releasing a golf ball. Our final machine turned on a light in 11 steps. The purpose of this station can either be artful or to entertain.



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